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Chapter 1
       It was dark, my heart pumping like it has never before. I couldn't see a thing, so i closed my eyes and felt the cold wet wall. When I found were the two walls meet I sat in the corner. Sweat on my face, my hands shaking like a hairless cat in the winter. My knees are up to my face when I hear it. Something big and vicious as it is walking over my head. I can hear the the floor creaking beneath the creatures large feet. I can hear it's nasty growl. I stay as still as i can, then I just had to sneeze. After I did I heard nothing, the place was silent all I can hear was my heart beat. Then the creature started to run, I can hear it getting closer and closer and closer. I hear the door open by it's creaking. Then I hear it going step by step slowly. I hesitated and froze when its face was in front of mine. My fear flowing threw me like a rapid river. I can feel its breath rundown my sweaty neck. Then I hear the creature say something. Something familiar, i lean in a bit. I can hear it say " Caitlin." It says it like a distant scream. My eyelids have enough energy to lift, when I do I see a fuzzy figure over my with a bright light behind the figure. My eyes go to focus. There is a man over me. This man has multiple wounds on his face and limbs. His clothing torn and blood stains all over him. He has muddy brown hair and tan skin. He is surprisingly handsome, and strong. He keeps on repeating my name and asking if I'm okay. The bright light behind was a large barn on fire. Behind that was a field with multiple horses and sheep dead on the ground that were ripped apart piece by piece. Horses bucking back and forth with fire cloaking the beautiful fur. Then it happened, something unlike anything I have seen before. Running threw the fire. When I looked closer at it I couldn't believe it.


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United States
Love drawing realistic items or simple inspiring and odd looking pieces.

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